How Does QuickBooks Pro 2009 Stack Up Against Other Accounting Software Programs?

If you base your business around products, for example, you can customize your invoices that way. If you are service-based, you can customize your invoices to fit that. Whatever the situation, this software can meet your needs very well, for the most part.Features include:Import data from Microsoft Office, Quicken and Excel.
The ability to accept credit card payments if you wish
Five employees are able to work on QuickBooks Pro simultaneously.Ease of Use: 5 starsIn general, the program is very easy to use and understand; it’s exceptionally user-friendly for the most part. The program is easy to navigate simply by using the navigation toolbars available. One of the main toolbars houses the tools you’re going to need when you navigate around the program. The program also includes a pop-up menu that will show you how you should run the program and the order in which you should use it. It’s easy to install, and installation itself is simple and fast. The program runs on Windows Vista flawlessly, so that you can set up your business easily and smoothly.Help and Support? Five out of five starsThe help and support section is fantastic. Easy navigation and use of the search tools. You can type in a topic and a list of tips pop up. QuickBooks Pro includes a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and a help button in the quick help menu.Accounts Receivable: 5 StarsAccount Receivable tools can be found in the Customer Section of QuickBooks Pro. The drawback of this tool is you cannot create estimate shipping costs or recurring invoices.Accounts Payable: 5 StarsThis section of the program is available in “Vendors.” You can use inventory tools here, and you can also take care of any other Accounts Payable-related tasks.Payroll: 5 StarsYou can access Payroll in the employee section, and it includes functions like direct deposit.Inventory: Four stars out of fiveTo find this section in QuickBooksPro, it is located in one of the upper toolbars under item. Service and item management is done here for your company. You are allowed to create inactivate items, costing methods and drop shipments. Some of the features in the inventory section are included in the vendors section such as inventory assemblies and adjustments.Banking: 5 StarsAlthough this feature is particularly useful, you cannot void existing checks at present.Time Billing: 4 StarsLocated in the “Employee” section, you can track daily or weekly time here, and there’s also an included timer in this section.Job Costing: Four stars out of fiveThe customer section includes the Job Costing tools you will need. You can set jobs, track jobs and create job estimations. You can also set jobs if they are active or inactive.General Ledger: 5 StarsYou can find General Ledger in the Company section. With this function, set budgets, view account charts, manage money, do business planning, and participate in other business-related features.Fixed Assets: Three stars out of fiveUnfortunately, this is one of this program’s only major drawbacks. You can find a list of company assets here, but you will not be able to find fixed assets, as they are not included in the program.ConclusionIn general, QuickBooks Pro is excellent software to help you run your business seamlessly, even if you don’t have a head for accounting. Even though it’s not perfect, it does offer a lot of advantages that will help you satisfy any accounting needs of your business.Dennis Houghtaling is an expert in office software equaled by none. He recently started providing best office software that carry reasonable price tags. Drop by Dennis’ site today to know more about the QuickBooks 2009.

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